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Live Incident Report

Three robbers armed with knives and iron bars boarded an anchored chemical tanker. They stole ship's stores and escaped. Master raised alarm, crew mustered and contacted port authorities but received no response.

Two robbers armed with knives boarded a tanker at anchor. Robbers were spotted. They jumped overboard with stolen stores and escaped with three more accomplices waiting in a boat. No injuries to crew.

Ten robbers armed with long knives boarded a tugboat towing a barge enroute from Port Klang to Kuching. One of the crew member has been assaulted. The robbers stole crew members personal belongings, cash and vessel’s document and certificates before escaping. The incident was reported to the owners and the Master lodge a police report upon arrival at Kuching, Malaysia on Nov 08th 2012.

Four robbers in a small boat approached the stern of an anchored container ship. One robber boarded the ship using a hook attached with rope while the other three robbers remained in their boat. Deck watchmen spotted the robber and raised the alarm. Seeing crew alertness the robber escaped empty handed.

Robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier unnoticed and stole ship's stores from the forward store and escaped unnoticed. The theft was noticed during the handing over watch and reported to authorities.

Pirates in a speed boat attempted to board a barge carrier underway by throwing a hook to the upper deck of the vessel. The vessel made evasive manoeuvres, increased speed and avoided the boarding.

Three robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier in ballast awaiting cargo operations. Duty crew on rounds noticed a robber on the forecastle deck and he informed the D/O who raised the alarm. Upon hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers jumped overboard and escaped with ship's stores in two waiting boats.

About 3-4 robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier. They took hostage the duty A/B and stole his personal belongings. The A/B managed to escape and raised the alarm. Upon hearing the alarm, the robbers escaped. Crew mustered and made a search and found that nothing else was stolen from the ship.

Three robbers armed with long knives boarded an anchored container ship via anchor chain. They took hostage the duty crew and tied him up at the forecastle deck. Another duty crew reported the incident to the bridge and the D/O raised the alarm and contacted the port authorities but received no response. Three rocket flares were fired at the forecastle resulting in the robbers escaping in their small fishing boat. Upon investigation found that nothing was stolen from the ship but the robbers managed to steal the duty crew’s mobile phone only.

About three to five robbers boarded a tanker during STS operations. They entered into the engine room and escaped with ship stores and engine spares.

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