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Live Incident Report

Two robbers armed with long knives in a small boat approached a berthed container ship. Alert duty crew noticed one robber attempting board the ship using a rope. The crew shouted at the robber who aborted the boarding and escaped.

Robbers boarded an anchored container ship unnoticed. They stole ship's stores and escaped.

Seven armed pirates boarded an anchor handling tug underway via a speedboat launched from a mother vessel. They stole crew personal effects kidnapped seven crew members and escaped. Remaining crew safe onboard vessel.

Robbers boarded a tug towing a barge, stole crew cash and escaped.

Six pirates in a speed boat boarded a tug towing a barge. They took hostage all the crew, tied them up and stole crew cash and personal effects before escaping. Master was slightly injured during the incident.

Ten robbers armed with guns and knives boarded a salvage vessel towing a barge from Singapore to Balikpapan, Indonesia. The robbers stole ship properties, crew cash and property and escaped. All the crew safe and vessel continued her passage towards Balikpapan.

Six robbers boarded a general cargo ship at anchor. The crew secured themselves in the accommodation and contacted the owners for help. The Owners informed the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre which relayed the message to the Guinea authorities who dispatched a patrol boat to assist the vessel. The robbers stole cargo contents from the containers and escaped upon seeing the approaching patrol boat. All crew safe.

Three robbers boarded a bulk carrier at anchor. They were spotted by the duty crew during security rounds. The duty AB reported to the bridge and approached the robbers who assaulted and injured him. The duty AB managed to escape. The robbers stole crew belongings and escaped.

Three robbers boarded a general cargo ship at anchor. They were spotted by the alert duty crew who raised the alarm. Upon sensing the crew alertness, the robbers escaped empty handed.

Seven robbers armed with long knives boarded an anchored bulk carrier from the aft during cargo operations. Duty crew noticed the robbers trying to steal ship’s stores and raised the alarm. On hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers jumped into the water and escaped with the stolen stores. Coast guard informed and a patrol boat came to the location and searched for the robbers but the robbers had disappeared.

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